Friday, December 20, 2013

Treasure Hunting at the Goodwill Outlet!

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I've passed the Goodwill Outlet multiple times since I moved to Sacramento, but I've never stopped before tonight. I usually didn't have time or I restrained myself because I am trying to spend less money on shopping and eating out (which I am doing really well at btw). Boy am I glad my boyfriend was in a good enough mood to stop with me (he hates shopping).

The outlet is where they send the clothes that don't sell in the regular store. This is the last stop before items gets put into a huge baler and sold to places that use the materials for ragmaking. So this is the last chance to save something before it gets recycled!

I was a kind of nervous at first because there were a lot of people, and it was a little dirty. I won't lie, it was a little scary and kind of daunting. Some people were very serious about finding their treasures. And when a new bin rolled out, they all jumped on it. I stuck to the bins that were surrounded. My boyfriend even found some stuff in the electronic and furniture sections. We were there for about an hour, but I made out with some treasures and spent less than $8.

Fabrics photo 1219132019_zps1afe2baa.jpgFor a crafter, upcycler, or sewer, there are some great finds. I noticed many random, solo pillow cases, curtains, or towels that had pretty patterns and would make lovely things. I picked out a few that had nice patterns and one that was fuzzy and soft. I don't know yet if I will make clutches, bracelets, or something else.

SweaterFutureTote photo 1219132017_zps62af1248.jpg

I debated about buying this sweater because I knew I wouldn't wear it, but I thought it was so pretty and I think it will make a great totebag. This is going to be my Christmas vacation project.

Shirts photo 1219132019a_zps4f09898a.jpg

I was mostly looking for clothing to wear, but I ended up only finding two shirts. One tshirt for everyday wear or work and one scrubs top which I can wear for crafts and messy projects. I also found a chunky necklace that was missing some beads, but I think I can turn it into two bracelets.

TeaTowels photo 1219132018_zpsc0a1cea9.jpg

I feel like I struck gold with these, and I almost didn't find them. My boyfriend was tired of shopping (an hour must have felt like eternity to him), and he herded me toward the check out line. I snuck away while he waited in line to quickly sift through some of the bins I hadn't looked at that were close to the check out (this place is quite addictive). I love tea, so I felt that these towels were waiting just for me. There's eight of them, and I have no idea what I will do with them, but I had to have em!

I will definitely be going back. I am excited to see what I will find next!


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