Sunday, December 8, 2013

10 Reasons To Buy Handmade

Posted by Michelle Brown On 9:00 AM 2 comments
It isn't easier than buying from a 'regular' store. You can't readily find handmade items in bigger chain stores. This might be a reason people simply stick with buying gifts that are manufactured. Although they may not be as easy to find, handmade gifts are great, and here is a list why.

1. Unique! Interesting! Special! One of a kind! Many handmade items are different than what you would find on the shelf. You'll probably come across something that you would NEVER see at a big box store. Giving someone that cool gift would make everyone else a little envious and curious as to where they could get one too.

2. Customization! Can't find something unique enough or can't find exactly what you want? Many handmade artists are willing and eager to make you what you want. This is ideal for that family member that is a little odd, but lovable. Or great when you need something to be a certain size, but the store only sells the standard.

3. Improving local economy. Supporting local artists means you are also supporting the local economy. Your community really does benefit when you keep the dollars circling around your area.

4. Recycled! Upcycled! Trash to treasure! Handmade items that reuse and recycle can easily be found. This is a great way to keep some things from entering a landfill. You can be proud of buying a 'green' product.

5. You are directly supporting the artist. And because you are buying from the artist, you are cutting out the middleman who makes a profit by marking up items. It feels great to know that you are putting money right into the pocket of the creator.

6. Quality. People are complaining all the time that things aren't made like they used to be and that things fall apart too easily. Artists work very hard and put in a lot of care to make sure their items are quality.

7. Smaller or no crowds. You can avoid the shopping mall that is over crowded with hurried shoppers. You can attend craft fairs, or if you want to avoid venturing out all together you can shop online.

8. Connections. You are creating a connection with the artist. You'll probably remember them for a long time if not forever. And returning during the next holiday or next year will make them extremely happy to have repeat customers.

9. Knowledge of product origin. You know where the product came from and who made it. You don't have to wonder if child labor was involved or if people were exploited in order to make this product.

10. Encouraging creativity. You are supporting someone's creativity and skills. It feels great to know that someone appreciates what you do and is encouraging you to continue. Let handmade artists know they have your support!

What are your reasons for buying handmade?


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  1. Great post! We'll incorporate your list into some of our marketing ideas.

    (Stopping by from All About Blogspot on Etsy.)


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