Saturday, December 21, 2013

Handstamped Gift Wrap for Christmas

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I have a GIANT roll of paper about 5 feet tall that I found in an old apartment my mom was renting a few years ago. It has come in handy this year since I decided to try to avoid buying giftwrap, cards, etc and try to reuse and make my own instead.

corkstamps photo 1218131600a_zps5cd9826a.jpg

First, I made my own stamps. Which was a huge trial and error because many of the corks I have are too rough and uneven or break apart a little too easily. I found three corks that were not the traditional cork material, and I made a star, a tree, and one that's just lines.

I also used a cork that I didn't make any changes at all. It makes really interesting circle shapes and happens to be the one I liked best after I stamped all my paper. Here are some close ups of the stamps.

Here are the finished products!
 photo 1220131850a_zps46b411eb.jpg 

Since I had multiple gifts for the same people, I stamped their names (or initials for couples) on the presents so there were no mix ups. I also made gift tags. Which I later realized I could have skipped a step and just stamped directly onto the giftwrap instead of on a piece of paper to put on the presents haha next time!


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