Saturday, April 19, 2014

Getting My Hands Dirty - The Start of My Garden

Posted by Michelle Brown On 9:41 PM 8 comments
 healthy soil with lots of worms
I love playing in the dirt.
I love making a mess.
I love creating something beautiful.

My garden has been a little slow to start. There is just so much to do! But it is exciting to see it progress. The soil in our yard is very healthy and has a lot of worms! Plus, I've got an awesome garden outfit. Who would've guessed that scrubs are useful and comfortable for gardening?

 Just Jaunty Garden Scrubs

This was the start of the garden layout. The plants will (hopefully) be going in the ground this weekend and next weekend. We are in the process building a fence around the garden to keep pesky animals out! If it weren't for the cats and squirrels, we would probably be done or almost done planting.

 The start of the garden with rows

What we will be growing:

1. Tomatoes - 4 kinds
2. Pumpkins
3. Cucumber
4. Squash - 2 kinds
5. Chives
6. Parsley
7. Spinach
8. Cauliflower
9. Sunflowers
10. Peas
11. Cantaloupe
12. Habaneros
13. Green beans
14. Cilantro
15. Lettuce
16. Carrots
17. Basil
18. Rosemary
19. Lavender
20. Bell peppers
21. Celery
22. Strawberries
Plus various flowers
and I'm probably forgetting something!

 The future belongs to those of us who are willing to get our hands dirty

I think the future is looking pretty bright!


  1. Gardening is a lot of fun isn't it! you have great plans!

  2. You grow quite a bit of assorted veggies and stuff. And we all love to get our hands dirty.

  3. That's so awesome! You could open up your own grocery store, lol. :) I've always wanted to try my hand at gardening, just never had the chance to. Can't wait to see the results of everything!

    1. Haha we are trying to figure out what to do with the extras we will have. I think our neighbors are going to get veggie baskets! Hopefully you will have the chance to garden at some point. It is very rewarding!

  4. You are planting A LOT!!! That is so cool. I love gardening outside but I really (and I mean REALLY), cannot do worms and bugs. I will stick to my potted gardening!!! lol

    1. I am hoping we didn't over plant, but I think we will be alright. I understand what you mean about bugs. I have seen some new ones recently, and they are pretty scary. I just make my boyfriend deal with them! :)


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