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My 6 Reasons for Gardening

Posted by Michelle Brown On 10:04 PM 6 comments
My lettuce and cilantro plants
Before moving to Sacramento, I lived on the Northern California Coast for most of my life. It rains there often and has cool summers. Although some people did garden, it wasn't hot enough to have a really good vegetable garden. Now that I live somewhere that gets hot hot hot, I figured it would be a great time to start gardening. I wasn't really interested in gardening when I was younger (other than eating the veggies), so I've never had a garden of my own. I'm very excited to get started!

Here are my reasons for gardening along with some of my colorful doodles :)

 photo PiggyBankKaChing4in_zps24aa41aa.jpg 
1. Saving money
 Moving was expensive. The time it took me to find a new job once we moved depleted our savings. We have been trying to spend less, save more and reduce our debt. Gardening is going to help us do this.

It is also cheaper to grow vegetables than to buy them at the store. Seeds are pretty inexpensive, and some of the ones we have were given to us, but they will produce hundreds of dollars worth of vegetables/fruits/herbs.

 photo CarrotYumYum4in_zpse18e6517.jpg 2. Eating healthier
My boyfriend and I don't eat enough vegetables, plain and simple. Hopefully this will make it easier to incorporate them into our diet because they will be more readily available. We have a juicer, and we really enjoyed drinking a fresh made juice in the mornings, so we will start this again in the summer.

I also will know what is going into my food, so I won't be ingesting as unknown pesticides or chemicals.

 photo GoGreen4in_zpsa806c056.jpg3. The 'green' thing to do
There are a number of reasons why it is 'green' to grow a garden. The vegetables don't have to be transported to to the grocery store, and you don't have to travel to the grocery store to get the them.

I am also a big supporter of growing food instead of lawns. It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain a lawn. Why not put that energy into growing something useful like food? :)

 photo GardenForTheSoul4in_zps31552204.jpg 
4. Hobby
During the summer my boyfriend doesn't have school or work. He does love to garden, so it will be his 'summer job,' and, as a gardening newbie, I will greatly appreciate his expertise.

I have started helping with the compost and getting our backyard ready for the new plants. I must say, it is pretty fun to be outside, playing in the dirt. It's also something my boyfriend and I can do together.

 photo SunShine4in_zpsfc2b7452.jpg 
5. Getting outside
Sacramento has some pretty nice weather (excluding the scorching hot summer), and it is so enjoyable to be outside! Fresh air and sunshine is great for the body.

Air quality is also better outside than in our houses. How crazy is that?

 photo GardeningIsMyExercise2_zpsfe0784ca.jpg

6. Getting exercise
It might not be intense cardio or weight lifting, but it is still exercise. Turning soil, bending to plant, and watering are different from regular daily movements (unless you work on a farm), so it will work different muscles.

Gardening also reduces stress!

What are your reasons for gardening?

Check out this video which is relevant to why some people choose to garden!


  1. My question is how long does it take to yield crop? How fast do these plants grow? I need the downside.

    1. It depends on the plant. Some can take 40-60 days until they are ready to harvest while others can take 110-120 days. That can go a little quicker too if you buy the plants already growing than if you start from seeds.

      You can also start another round of seeds a couple weeks after the initial round so when they do start producing you can have regular crop yield all season.

      Yes, it isn't as easy or quick as going to the store and buying the produce already grown. But, for me, I can't think of too many other cons.

    2. Yeah, i think that would be the only downside. That and bugs and little critters getting in the way. And then maybe the plant never growing either. But thanks for letting me know that check out my blog!! :D :D :D

  2. I love gardening. Because I homeschool my kids, gardening has been a fun and active way to do Science. We are not always successful, but we learn something new every year.

    1. It is a great way for kids to learn. Sometimes it is important to learn about being unsuccessful too. And it is always nice to have extra hands to help! :)


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